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Tired of Corporate America

I have been in and out of work for the last few years and it is driving me crazy! I have no desire to work for a big corporation anymore. I want something a little less of a headache. So I think I’m going to go for an electrician apprenticeship and learn the trade. Hopefully in a few years I can be my own boss. I have had a corporate sales job for as long as I can remember and I am just tired of the bull that comes along with the work. I have been “down sized” twice in the last 3 years and I just want a job where someone cares about my hard work. I feel that learning a trade like an electrician will allow me to work independently, and work my way up to my own business where I can really shine. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

Resume Writing is Part of Application Process

The process of applying for a job is a tough one for first time applicants. You always have to make sure that you show confidence to everything that you do, but the fact that you are doing it for the first time makes it a lot more difficult.


Surely, several tips online will give you the most excellent ideas on how to deal with interviews. However, everything will still be up to how you perform during the whole application process. What makes it even more grueling is the fact that you still need to create a good resume, even though you are freshly out from college.


The truth is that most employers do not let an applicant continue with the application process when they do not see anything good with the resume. If you feel that you cannot create a good one, it may be best to make use of resume services available online where they can provide you with an executive resume writer to handle your resume.


It is a very important part of the hiring process so it is only right that you put a lot of effort to it. After all, once you are able to create a great one, you can use it over and over again.

Financing College

Education is good, but it is also expensive these days, unless you are a scholar or qualify for a government grant. However, not everyone has the intellectual capacity to achieve high grades so it is quite difficult to get into college unless you have someone to pay it for you.


You can try getting private student loans for support, but still, not everyone can get them, but at least they are easier to achieve than scholarships and grants.


Keep in mind that these loans are pretty much funded by big loan companies. There is definitely a process that you must undergo if you want to successfully get a loan approved. Always consider other options if you can find one and talk to a financial aid counselor. If it is for graduate school, understand that there are only a few scholarships that you can get for graduate studies compared to undergraduate programs. A loan will be much easier to take.


If it is possible to lock in a rate for your loan, do it. There are loans that are based off the Treasury bill. If this is the scenario, the loan rate fluctuates. This can go either way, but understand that it can be devastating if the interests go up.

Why Get Higher Level of Education?

Indeed, you need a college degree if you want to get specialization careers. However, if you truly want to get up the ladder, most companies would require their employees to have a certain level of skills and knowledge in their chosen fields before they can actually promote them, hence, they look for people with master’s or doctorate degree.


The question is why would you want to go through that?


Look at the human resources as an example. They will only take you if you either have a Psychology or Human Resource degree, but it is not a guarantee that you will have a high position. However, if you hold a masters degree in human resources, even if it is only a human resources online degree, the chances of getting promoted is higher than if you simply continue to go with your college degree alone.


Keep in mind that “security of tenure” is merely a state of mind. While it is true that the longer you stay in a company will get you more experience, if your employers does not see that you have what it takes to handle a whole department or team, they would still feel the need to hire someone else, even an outsider in a worst case scenario, which should become frustrating at some point.


Remember that everything you do in the academic world is mainly for your benefit. You simply do not study because you want other people to learn, but you are learning for yourself. There are a lot of things out there that you cannot learn by simply getting into the field of your choosing. In movies, they would normally show an employee not getting a promotion because another employee “stole” the position from them, but in reality, this happens because employers choose who they think are more capable of doing a job.

Seeking Help from the Professor is Nothing to Worry About

One of the most difficult things in college is approaching a terror professor for help. Only a handful of students make it through college or graduate school without asking for some assistance from the professor for help at one time or another. What you need to understand is that pride is not an option here. If your professor seems unapproachable, you need to bring your pride down and ask for the assistance that you need in order to succeed.


There are a few reasons why you ask for help. It may have something to do with failing exams because you were unable to understand the course material; falling behind due to inability to attend class because of various reasons; seeking advice on how to handle college as a whole; and many more. Most of the time, a student would fail to ask for help out of embarrassment or intimidation. These are the anxieties that you need to deal with if you want to succeed in your college life.


The anxieties are even higher if you are taking masters degree. Like in teaching certification class, you are expected that you already know a certain level of knowledge and skills that it becomes discomforting to admit that you need to seek help to get your teaching certificate. It is also higher if you are taking masters in special education online as the thinking that the professor might make fun of you is always there because you seem to have the confidence of simply taking a course online but still failing.


Understand this… your professors are there because their job is to help you, not to bring you down. Some of them may sound obnoxious or even antisocial, but ultimately, they are there to assist you. just throw the pride and anxieties outside the window and start working to get the success you always wanted.

LPN Program-Career in the Service of Mankind and Humanity

Licensed practical nurses are counted as integral part of the nursing industry. They perform very wide range of duties and responsibilities for about 10 to12 hours a day and in case of emergency, they even perform their job work for around 16 to 17 hours. The basic tasks that are performed by them include, following the registered nurse and guiding the CNAs, directing injections and pills to the client on time, backing the doctor or physician in surgeries and also in operations, keeping the medical equipments ready, required for operations, maintaining and keeping the record of the important files and documents of the health care center, maintaining discipline in the nursing center, attending the phone calls and transferring them to appropriate doctor or department and various other additional obligations too.

The requirement for the LPNs is increasing rapidly and the demand will continue to grow in the coming years too. The candidates aspiring for the post of PN will face no difficulty in getting hold of it because demand is very high and skilled candidates are instantly hired. It is essential for the applicants to earn skill practice certificate to get the permission to take test. The certificate is issued by the training classes that are accredited by the board of nursing. In order to avail the certificate, students have to join the training program and have to accomplish it. Candidates can easily find LPN training in all states of USA. There are several LPN programs in NYC and other states.

Training classes offer teaching for 9 to 18 months and normally charge $2000 as training fee. The motto of such classes is to properly guide the students for National Licensing Exam for LPN. The procedure of these classes is designed in such a way that it wraps the whole syllabus of the exam. In the training classes applicants are offered complete knowledge about the job duties of licensed nurse via theoretical and practical way. The students are offered skills to performance that resembles with the daily job tasks of the practical nurses. Practice tests are also taken to boost up the confidence in the applicants and to reduce their nervousness to face the test.

Online training also provides very good preparation for the exam and there are numbers of sites that offer online classes of LPN program. These classes are regarded as the additional option for the preparation of the exam. These classes do not offer the skill certificate because they do not offer the practical training and also it is not at all possible through online learning. The main advantage of online classes is that it offers the classes at your desired time and place. The fee is also low in comparison with the offline classes. Online classes are very helpful in some states like LPN programs in Georgia.

Term Papers

One way to determine if you truly learned something with a subject that you are attending in school is by accomplishing a term paper and getting a good grade from your teacher or professor. Being able to create one on your own is easily beneficial for you because it will definitely prepare you for the professional life where everything is going to be different than what you are experiencing in school.


Although, not everyone is gifted with the ability to create a sound research paper that can bring you to the next level of learning. Yes, you may have learned something, but if you cannot write a research paper properly, you might not get to the next semester.


Of course, Internet will always be helpful, but the problem that occurs to those who cannot write well is that they end up doing the “copy and paste” method, which in the end, gets them in trouble because the instructors know how to search of plagiarism of work. When you do this, you still need to at least reword some stuff that will take a lot of time and effort.


One thing to do about with it is to look in the Internet and buy research paper that is ready made. However, you simply cannot just go into one site and pay for papers just because they say they are good at researching. Try to find the sites that have had great reputation on creating research papers for other people. You are definitely bound to find a web site out there that can provide you with a well-written, custom-made research paper that can get you to pass to the next level of education.


The next obvious step after buying a term paper from another person is to make sure that you read it. Keep in mind that by merely paying for it and simply passing it to the instructor will most likely still get you in trouble. If you can communicate with the intelligent person who was able to create the term paper for you, the better the deal is. This is because you can at least ask for a summary of the term paper created for you so you would not need to read the entirety of it. He can just tell you the things that you need to know in case the instructor asks you about the paper you passed.