Consumer Court Job

For those who do not know, consumer court is the name given to unique purpose courts, which is mainly used in India, which simply deals with cases about customer disputes and grievances. These courts are judiciary set ups by the government itself to look after the consumer rights. The main purpose is to preserve the just practices by the sellers towards consumers. You can be a part of them if you want, but make sure that you have what it takes to help people


As stated above, it is mainly used in India. In the said country, the consumer movement as a social force was instigated with the need of defending and promoting the wellbeing of the consumers in opposition to unethical and inequitable trade practices. Out of control food shortages, hoarding, black marketing, corruption of food and edible oil were the reasons why the consumer movement was organized.


The main role of the consumer court in India is to give some extra benefit to the people and maintain fair practice by merchants or service provider toward their customers. This includes internet services, where a lot of consumers get ripped off their money because of defective products or low-quality items that they get from online shops. The best part on this is that there is no need to hire any lawyer because the government is the one to do the job for the consumers.

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